Blood Filtration Devices

Disposable Blood Filter


Ideal filter for transfusion safety



The storage of whole blood or red corpuscles is associated with the formation of considerable quantities of microaggregates between 25 μm and 40μm.
These microaggregates are fundamentally made up of degenerated leukocytes and thrombocytes, fragments of red blood cells and other cells, lipids, lipoproteins and precipitated denaturated albumin.
The conditions and the storage period influence the type and amount of microaggregates present.
The scientific literature shows that microaggregates with larger dimensions (i.e. more than 40μm) are often present in extremely high concentrations.
It has also been shown that a relation exists between acute respiratory failure and the presence of microaggregates in the pulmonary circulation of patients who have undergone massive transfusions.

Therefore it is necessary to filter the blood used for transfusions. This allows the larger microaggregates to be removed which protects the pulmonary microcirculation. Transafe ®  is the ideal filter for transfusion safety.



Used to remove of the micro - aggregates present into the blood destined to transfusion.
The filter is used while infusion of homologous or autologous blood in order to trap and remove solid micro particles with a higher diameter than 40μm that may form during blood storage or recovery.



Code Description Unit
BFA40-L TransafeTM Filter 40μm with infusion line 10/pack
BFA20-L TransafeTM Filter 20μm with infusion line 10/pack


Technical And Functional Features

  • Reduced priming volume: 35 ml.
  • High filtering flow rates for amounts of whole blood up to 2000 ml.
  • Easy debubbling
  • Easy inspection
  • High filtering efficiency:

Microaggregate removal > 25μm:95%(MICRO 20)
Microaggregate removal >40μm:95%(MICRO 40)

  • Maximum working pressure: 400mmHg
  • Polyester monofilament screen filter