Blood Filtration Devices

Leukocyte Removal Filter

Leukocyte Removal Filter
It is used in Blood Stations and hospitals to filter the leukocytes and condensates. It can prevent bad reactions caused by leukocytes and reduce GVHD and virus infectious diseases caused by leukocytes.


Technical & Functional Features
1. Residual amount of leukocytes after filitration≤1.0×106
2. Recovery rate of red cells after filtration≥88-92%
3. Unique design of round shape filter, maximized filtering area
4. Can be used to filter 450ml human blood
5. Sterile, Pyrogen-free, Non-toxic
6. Fully equipped, easily operated


Type Description Volume
Bed Side With Intravenous Needle 400ml
Blood Bank With Blood bag 400ml

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