Orthopaedic Products

Disposable Drainage Traumatic Material

ZKSK®  Disposable Drainage Traumatic Material



The negative pressure drainage of trauma, burns, wounds, bedsore and diabetic foot.
It is a highly effective, simple, economical and easy physical therapy to promote wound healing.


  •  Medical dressing film is comfortable for people .
  •  Reduce tissue oedema and hypoxia state; Back to normal tissue fluid balance.
  •  Promote cell membrane expansion and wound lymphatic backflow; Stimulate the blood vessels growth in and healthy granulation tissue formation.
  •  Local vacuum goes against bacteria survival; Control faster local infection.
  •  Maintain wound into humidity balance; Provide a good healing environment.
  •  Help graft with wounds attaching; Reduce scar formation.
  •  Reduce the time of dressing change; Shorten the time of treatment, and relieve pain.
  •  Effective avoid crossing infection, pollution.


  Small(cm) Medium(cm) Large(cm)
PU black foam 10x7.5x3 20x13x3 25x16x3
PU green foam 10x7.5x3 20x13x3 25x16x3
PVA white foam 10x7.5x1 10x15x1 20x15x1

20x30cm pad, 90cm double lumen
Detachable single tubing, 90cm  
Double lumen, lure connector, 90cm


123 film:26x30cm
Blue drape:20x30cm  
Blue film:20x30cm  


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