Orthopaedic Products

Personal Protection System

MESAF®   Personal Protection System

Intended Use

Used for protecting the patient, healthcare personnel and operating room personnel against contamination, exposure of infectious bodily fluids, and the transfer of microorganism and particulate material. 


MESAF®   Helmet

  • Lighter: Lighter materials and well balanced center of gravity reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Cooler: Dual airflow system achieves greatly cooling effect, adjustable for 10 gears to meet variable requirements.
  • Quieter: Adopt high-performance motor reduces noise and assures long-term durability.

MESAF®  Power Pack (4 /pkg)

  • Long Using Time: Providing 12 hours working period.
  • Remaining Capacity Showing: Judging the left running time.
  • Adding Battery Switch: Saving power and prolonging using time.

MESAF®  Multi Station Battery Charger (4 stations)

  • Quick charges for 4 batteries simultaneous increase working efficiency.
  •  Automatic fault Recognition and power dump ensure working safe and energy conservation.



MESAF®  Hood

  • Sterile and Single Use: Preventing infectious between healthcare personnels and patients.
  • Large Anti-fogging Face Mask: Clear visual field, easy to operate precisely.

MESAF®  Belt

  • Thicker and wider: Firmer and easier for battery fixation .
  • Supporting waist: To ease muscle fatigue.