Endoscope Supplies

Disposable Sclerotherapy needle

Easin® Disposable Sclerotherapy Needle


Used to endoscopically introduce a sclerosing agent or vasoconstrictor into selected sites to control actual or potential bleeding lesions in the digestive system; and the injection of saline to aid in Endoscopic Mucosal.

Advantage Features

  • Sterile & Single Use
  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Handle Clicks on Needle Extension
  • Handle Lock Mechanism
  • Strong and Smooth Tubing for Frictionless Maneuvering
  • Beveled Stainless Steel Needle
  • Smooth Metal Tip
  • Wide Range of Size for Physicians Choice


Type   Needle Inner Diameter Outer Diameter   Sheath Length
SN18-05(160/200/230) 0.5mm/25G 2.4mm 160/200/230cm
SN18-07(160/200/230) 0.7mm/22G 2.4mm 160/200/230cm
SN18-09(160/200/230 0.9mm/19G  2.4mm 160/200/230cm
SN18-07/195 0.7mm/22G 2.4mm 200cm
SN19-05/230 0.5mm/25G  1.8mm  230cm
SN199-07/230  0.7mm/22G 1.8mm  230cm

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